We are an innovation based platform, which aims to improve the health and wellbeing in vulnerable communities in Medellin, Colombia, using soccer as an entrance door for adolescents between 10 and 15 years old. We intend to develop a set of socio emotional skills, under a strong partnership framework and a social entrepreneurship oriented program, developing a creative use of technology in order to boost and develop knowledge, in an aligned way with the Sustainable Development Goals.


The Gambetiando program is currently suspended, as a precaution against the risks associated with Covid-19. We thank our allies and the community for their support and understanding of this measure, which seeks to protect the program’s stakeholders and act responsibly in the current global pandemic situation.


Please see a recap of the program made by our partners RutaN, which enhances how using soccer, we open a safe space through which adolescents can then develop a deeper set of skills.

Gambetiando aims to achieve 4 fundamental goals, to be persued in a 3 years timelapse, starting in June 2019. These goals are:


Improve fitness in 564 adolescents between 10 to 15 years old, 70% male and 30% female, with an annual increase of 20%, through assisted professional soccer trainings and physical activity.


Support the development of socio emotional skills, needed to enhance the well being of 564 adolescents, 70% male and 30% female, using a values and skills development methodology.


Develop 564 adolescents between 10 to 15 years old, 70% male and 30% female, in soft skills around social entrepreneurs and leadership, through practical workshops and a mentoring process.


Implement the 1st Global Goals World Cup in Medellin and Latin America, with 20 participating soccer teams, comprised of 400 women implementing a project in their community in an SDG.

Partners consortia

We have created a multi-sector partnership, aiming to develop a combination of capacities and tools, able to deliver value within communities, with a strong purpose for gender balance. Through a diverse set of processes such as soccer, education, entrepreneurship, skills building and mentoring, the consortium deliver its value, whilst using technology as a key component to innovate, in order to create knowledge and data, allowing us to measure our impact in the Sustainable Development Goals.

Manager and project leader. In charge of supervision and the social entrepreneurs and leadership mentoring programs.

Facilitates the soccer courts needed to run the program, and help us create advocacy and enhance our reach.

Technology implementation partner, RutaN runs with us the process of incorporating innovative IT models into the project.

Danish organization, they´re our partners to bring the 1st Global Goals World Cup to Medellin and Latin America.

Based in Switzerland, the Fondation is the supplier of the funds that enable the project capacity, with ISUH.

Why Gambetiando

Gambetiando represents a unique opportunity to combine the strengths of a multisector partnership and as a program, wants to break the stereotype of women not being accepted as regular soccer players. Gambetiando tries to break the local paradigm that 4th Industrial Revolution related technologies cannot be used to measure social impact and uses soccer as an entrance point to create social entrepreneurs in vulnerable communities.

Gambetiando is structured around 5 different stages and 2 transversal processes, as follows:

Healthy Cities for Adolescents Program

what is gambetiando - Impact Hub Medellín

Gambetiando is part of Fondation Botnar´s Healthy Cities for Adolescents Program, a five-year initiative managed by the International Society of Urban Health (ISUH). The program will foster a multi-stakeholder, community-led consortia representing diverse groups including partners from government, civil society, and the private sector to address the health and wellbeing of young people in secondary cities.

Please see what the program is about in the next video:

Get involved!

Whether it is in the soccer training program, in the social entrepreneurship workshops or in mentoring sessions in leadership, Gambetiando offers a learning platform to develop partnerships with organizations that would like to articulate with us.

Whether you are a private company, a public entity, an NGO, a group or a community leader who would like to join Gambetiando ¡Contact us!